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In "Planet of the Mechanoids," the Dalek Emperor took his ship to the planet Mechanus. Mechanus Alone on Mechanus, the Mechonoids continued to fulfill their function of keeping the colony ready for the humans if they ever arrived, and imprisoned any i… The Daleks: Nicholas Briggs: R-41: Joe Sugg: Queen of the Mechanoids: Anjli Mohindra: The Chief Archivian and Mechanoid 2150: Ayesha Antoine: Writer: James Goss On Lethe, Davros combined organic tissue with Mechanoid shells to create Juggernauts. Mechanoids Of all the attempts by the BBC to replace the Daleks with an intellectual property of their own, the Mechanoids were surely the most corpulent ones. (And who's played by the same actor as aforementioned Alabama guy.) The Daleks later fought Mechanoids on Hesperus. No explanation has been given to explain how the Mechonoids went from being human servants on television to their status as an independent space-faring race of equal power to the Daleks in the comics. (WC: Planet of the Mechanoids), Whilst losing to the Entity, the Dalek Emperor travelled to Mechanus, accompanied by the Prime Strategist and a small entourage of Silver Daleks, and the Queen greeted his arrival. (TV: The Chase). The Mechanoids became a force in their own right and Mechanus became their home planet, They are also the enemies of the Daleks. Mechonoid The robot manipulated the Daleks into destroying the rogue planet Skardal, which they had set on a collision course with Mechanus, then told the Mechanoids that the Daleks had saved them purposely. It’s the return of the Mecha- Mecho- those good round boys, in Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – DALEKS! They are powerful robots and enemies of the Daleks. The Daleks get into an explosive fight with the Mechonoids. The Daleks! Steven Taylor crashlanded on Mechanus and was taken prisoner by the Mechanoids. At the same time the Strategist demanded to see a scientist and was eventually met by Mechanoid 2150, who took him to inspect the orbital defences. (TV: The Chase) Vicki Pallister once described the Mechonoids as "over bureaucratic service robots". They are robotic creatures that were originally built by humans, but who eventually formed their own society on their planet, Mechanus. On Lethe, Davros combined organic tissue with Mechanoid shells to create Juggernauts. Mechanoids do not seem to be evil nor good they are only violent when their home planet is threatened otherwise they seem to be very peacful and open to visitors Ex: When The Doctor along with his companions encountered a Mechanoid it(or he) asked them to follow it(or him) back to the city why the Mechanoids held them there was they were possibly curious about The Doctor and his companions as for Steven since he crashed onto the planet the Mechanoids may have feared it was a terroist bombing thus,accusing Steven as a terrorist agent trying to attack their city. The Mechonoids were originally obedient robots sent by humans to Mechanus to prepare the planet for colonisation. It’s the return of the Mecha- Mecho- those good round boys, in Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – DALEKS! new episode Planet of the Mechanoids! The Mechonoids then called off the war, although they still considered the Daleks their enemies. The Mechanoids first encountered the Daleks when they built a space station for refueling on the route to the planet Oric. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...), The official Mechanoid toy, considered a rare item among Who collectors. A classic Doctor Who creature is returning for the new Daleks animation (which kicks off on the 12th November) - but who are the Mechanoids, and how will they fit into the Time Lord Victorious project? Together Mechanoid 2150 and the Strategist used the orbital array to send the Entity back to its original dimension. key art for episode 3. The Daleks instead began preparing for war with the Mechanoids. (WC: Planet of the Mechanoids), The Daleks and Mechonoids fighting. Notable individuals: WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the third episode of the Doctor Who animated series Daleks!, "The Deadly Ally," available now on … However, Earth got caught up in interplanetary wars such as the Human-Draconian War, the Second Dalek War and the Third Dalek War which put an end to the Earth Empire's expansionist phase (PROSE: The Chase) and the colonists never arrived. Menoid, Mechanoid Queen, Mechanoid 2150, Mechon 179 Main aliases: At the start of the Civil War, Julian White Mammoth Tusk noticed a "locomoting geodesic spheroid with integrated flame-throwing device" among the Machine's robot battle forces. (WC: Planet of the Mechanoids) The Mechanoids defended against the Entity, during which it demanded the surrender of the Emperor. The Zerovians, seeking to prevent war from breaking out between the Daleks and the Mechanoids, sent their robot agent, 2K, to accomplish this. The animated series Daleks! (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress, Verdigris), On Lethe, Davros combined organic tissue with Mechonoid shells to create Juggernauts. The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy. Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" spinoff series Daleks! The Doctor and his friends are taken into the Mechanoid City but their troubles are far from over...especially when the Daleks launch an attack. The Daleks followed the Doctor's TARDIS to Mechanus and battled the Mechonoids. The Mechonoids then broadcast a message to the Daleks on Skaro, warning them to avoid their territory.

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