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Enjoy vegan or with a dollop of yogurt. Kohlrabi tastes great steamed, stir-fried, added to soups and stews or dipped in batter and fried to make tempura or fritters. It's simply made with kohlrabi, butter, flour, and spices. Roasted Kohlrabi Recipe. Vitamin C. Serves. Roasted Kohlrabi recipes deliver a powerful punch of natural sweetness in every bite. It’s hard to explain. KOHLRABI GREENS: Wash the greens well and cut them into bite-sized pieces. You’ll want to remove all of that. The flavor is mild, with notes of broccoli (some say radish, cucumbers, or turnips – I think it depends on age and how it was prepared). Recipe Notes. Hi Everyone, these Air Fryer Kohlrabi Fries are a great way to enjoy Kohlrabi. 4. This is a very nice fall salad. Entrees / Ingredient Spotlight / Recipes / Sides / Vegan / vegan recipes / vegetarian recipes Kohlrabi, Corn & Tofu Curry If you’ve ever been at the farmers market or sifting through your latest CSA delivery and stumbled upon a purple or green vegetable that looks like it might have fallen off the back of a UFO…that was probably a kohlrabi. Vegan. It's great blended up into a yummy soup such as this one! This simple kohlrabi salad recipe with cilantro and lime zest is dressed with a refreshing Citrus Vinaigrette made with fresh orange juice. This kohlrabi recipe is basically heaven. I always cook a big batch of grains on the weekends and then incorporate them into my meals throughout the week. Home » Vegan » Roasted Kohlrabi Recipe. Mar 7, 2012 - Explore Seacoast Eat Local's board "Kohlrabi recipes", followed by 564 people on Pinterest. Mix all the ingredients together and garnish it with sesame seeds. Or you can roast kohlrabi, which is my favorite way to eat it. Make sure that the leaves look nice, if they are wilted or yellow it means that the kohlrabi has been standing around for quite a while. Includes Recipe Below. If you've ever passed by kohlrabi at the farmer's market, you may have mistaken it for a radish, a giant Brussels sprout, or even a rutabaga.Sometimes referred to as a German turnip, kohlrabi comes from the Brassica oleracea family, which includes broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, and Brussels sprouts.It's a cool-weather crop that's at its best from early fall through spring. Adding peeled slivers of kohlrabi to a salad was the only ‘recipe’ that came to mind when I saw the pile of pale green and purple globes next to the spinach. Serving Size: 4. ; If the leaves are still attached to your kohlrabi bulbs (and in good shape), you can clean/reserve and use in another recipe. This chunky kohlrabi soup is a seasonal dish popular in Poland during summer months. See more ideas about kohlrabi recipes, kohlrabi, recipes. Jun 21, 2018 - Spiralized recipes made with kohlrabi. While kohlrabi can be thrown into a basic chunky vegetable soup, we particularly like it in a creamy, puréed soup with mild spices so that sweet kohlrabi flavor can really shine through. Ingredients. I love kohlrabi in its raw state, for its flavor, delicious crunch and amazing health benefits. This delicious Kohlrabi Taco with orienetal black rice, creamy mushroom-baba ganoush & pistachio crunch does't only sound magical, it also tastes like heaven and couldn't be healthier. Kohlrabi Chips [Vegan] Dairy Free. The salad tastes especially nice with the vegan cream cheese and the mint and basil dressing. Served cold, it adds a pleasing crunch and mild spicy note to salads. Kohlrabi can also be added to recipes for cream of potato, cream of broccoli, and even cream of mushroom soup! Oh, yes, you can find kohlrabi in the produce department of many supermarkets, but when the checker lifts the bunch out of the grocery cart, notice the look of puzzlement on his or her face. Kohlrabi is a root vegetable you'll probably find in your CSA box or at the farmers' market. How to Make Kohlrabi Kimchi. If you still have space for one more dish on your Thanksgiving menu, make this kohlrabi slaw recipe! Air Fryer Kohlrabi Fries are a great way to enjoy the nutritious, root vegetable Kohlrabi.Enjoy with Fry Sauce or another favorite dip! January 23, 2018 By valentina 34 Comments. 100% Veggie, Raw & Vegan. Roasted kohlrabi with parmesan recipe food network kitchen roasted kohlrabi with garlic parm spend pennies roasted kohlrabi with old bay onion dip vegan low carb gluten free kohlrabi slaw with cilantro jalapeño and lime feasting at home Watch Queue Queue. Advertisement. It was time to learn more about this new vegetable friend and figure out a creative, and tasty, way of serving it. Want some tips for making a kohlrabi salad or slaw? You might also like Polish sorrel soup recipe. Kohlrabi, once the favored vegetable of European nobles and peasants alike, has fallen off the veggie pop charts. (This recipe is vegan and gluten-free) Air Fryer Kohlrabi Fries. Kohlrabi was the new friend many of us met last Thursday. Try our ideas below, then check out more great salad recipes. This vegan kohlrabi salad couldn't be easier - kohlrabi gets grated and is served with a simple dressing of oil, lemon juice, celery salt, and white pepper. Peel the kohlrabi and cut it into juliennes Wash the cut kohlrabi and add chilli paste. Looking for the best kohlrabi recipes? Creamy Kohlrabi Soup [Vegan] - One Green Planet Jump to Recipe. However, kohlrabi becomes woody in taste as it gets larger. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Kohlrabi is not a root, rather a stem that grows out, as well as up. See more ideas about kohlrabi, kohlrabi recipes, spiralizer recipes. The dish is loaded with healthy fats, fibrous vegetables and tons of minerals and vitamins. So instead of cooking, I decided to use it without losing any of its nutrients as it is a rich source of Vitamin C. Ingredients in my Kohlrabi, Carrot, and Spinach Salad . kohlrabi, peeled and thinly sliced; 4 tablespoons sunflower seeds or pine nuts, toasted Kohlrabi Recipes. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and surprisingly filling, while remaining low in calories. Add Vinegar, Salt & Sugar. When buying kohlrabi look for small to medium bulbs, as their taste is more intensive. Kohlrabi is a vegetable that has kind of the texture of an apple but tastes more like a mild radish – but somehow not. By marinating the thin kohlrabi slices, they become softer and very flavorful. It’s crisp and refreshing – the perfect way to balance out indulgent holiday fare like stuffing and mashed potatoes.Plus, it calls for just 10 ingredients, and it comes together in right around 15 minutes. Roasted kohlrabi tastes like if you took a bite of roasted potatoes, cauliflower and radishes all at the same time. Roasted Kohlrabi is a simply seasoned, vegan, root vegetable, a side dish that would be wonderful to serve at a holiday gathering or weeknight dinner alike. Although the larger ones are quite OK for this kohlrabi soup recipe as well. If the core of your kohlrabi is particularly fibrous, you can cut out. I knew this can be eaten raw too. I paired Kohlrabi with some fresh carrot and homegrown Spinach. Dry the greens very well, toss them with a very light coating of olive oil, salt them, and bake them on a baking sheet until crisp and lightly browned, about 6 … Peel your kohlrabi of the thick outer skin.It’s tough (especially tough in larger kohlrabi and does not bake up good). Kohlrabi comes in many varieties but two main colors: pale green and purple. I have heard about the different vegetarian recipes with this. Preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit. ... I’m quite excited to share a few new recipes with you, starting with this curried millet stir fry. Serving Suggestion: Can be a Side dish with sandwich or with Stir-fry Noodles. Especially when paired with this dairy-free, vegan, creamy Old Bay Seasoning onion dip. Kohlrabi is often served in a creamy, white sauce in Germany as a side dish. Ingredients: for the salad: 1-2 med. Kohlrabi, a nutritious, German turnip variety, is roasted to a crisp texture and golden hue and served with fresh chopped chives or your favorite green garnish. In Germany, we only have the green kohlrabi but here it seems that there is a purple version, too. If you’ve ever wondered how to cook Kohlrabi, and thought it might be daunting, this recipe is the place to start. Look out for kohlrabi in veg boxes and greengrocers – it looks like a pale green turnip and is a member of the cabbage family. It’s delicious, filling, full of goodness and simple to make. Curried Millet Stir Fry with Kohlrabi (Vegan) Mar 21, 2017 1 Comment.

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