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The investigators head downstairs to check the hotel records for some clue as to where he may be. It creates a link between our victim and the commotion that worried Borghild Strandenes, likely to have happened in room 2816 on the Friday night. Investigators printed her story and photos in a large German newspaper. The second option is both believable and possible. These are all the things that people normally bring with them when they venture away from home. Jennifer Fairgate. The Do Not Disturb sign has been on the door for two days and the outstanding bill on the room is becoming worrysome. The Chillenden Murders – Michael Stone or Levi Bellfield? Or someone was let into the room by her and removed the items. I can’t understand why no one is missing her? Short black hair (possibly dyed), blue eyes. Almost 24 hours later, the duty manager Gjertsen is growing suspicious of the guest in room 2805. This indicates that she may have mis-remembered, or mis-read the number of someone she needed to contact. In the case of the Oslo Plaza, these odds are not as low as you might think. James Mitchell DeBardeleben – Forgery, Kidnapping… Serial Killer? Furthermore, the now-infamous "Isdal" woman , found partially burned alive with poison in her stomach, was found in a remote part of Norway called Ice Valley and was similarly shown to have originated from or around Belgium. or a credit card. It coincides with another visit to the front desk (this time to exchange cash into kroner). The episode “Death in Oslo” is arguably the most disturbing episode of the docuseries. The following week she saw the story in the newspaper and contacted police once she realised she had been on the same floor as the victim. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The logs also do not register if someone opens the door from inside to let someone in. Here is what we do know: The information available to us today on the rooms and other guests is a real credit to Lars Wegner, the reporter who brought this story to the public in 1995 and again in 2017. 60 Minutes. So we now have suspicious noises (probably) from 2816 on the Friday night, undigested food in the victim’s stomach from Friday night, and a guest saying they knew about a dead body when they left the hotel on the Saturday morning. As mentioned earlier, it is a great pity that hotel records from this period were destroyed in 2010. But, she had 34 live rounds in a briefcase next to the bed. Room 2803 adjacent to 2805, was unoccupied. Before we examine the body, we have one final anomaly to check – the newspaper from room 2816. Photo source. It also helps to provide structure to sorting out the mass of details that are available to work with. The missing skirt is something very strange,was it in other room, why take it… Does not make sense.. .the name Lois or loise is also used by women. The Netflix series reveals that she was dressed in all black when she arrived at the Oslo Plaza Hotel. It seems her plans changed at some point. Police say that it is very hard to lift prints from the surface of a gun due to its undulations. Jennifer Fergate was found with a gunshot wound to the head (Image: POLICE) Read More Related Articles. Thus the mystery begins, as the room has been booked not just for one woman, but for a Jennifer and Lois Fairgate. Jennifer Fergate, 25, was found dead in May of 1995 inside a hotel room. She greeted a nearby cleaner as she entered her room and put the Do Not Disturb sign up. Could Jennifer Fairgate be involved somehow in the same circles as Dutroux? Unsolved Mysteries Episodes: Read details on the new episodes of the Netflix show, What time does Desperados release on Netflix? He also noted the undigested food in her stomach. ... the woman misspelled Fairgate as “Fergate ... Fairgate’s body was exhumed to obtain a complete DNA … … so begins the 2017 documentary by journalist Lars Wegner that investigates the mystery of the woman found dead at the Oslo Plaza hotel 22 years earlier. This is particularly frustrating when we examine the other guests on floor 28: Information is only available on 8 rooms. Perhaps Interpol have a reason to keep it to themselves for now, or maybe it came up as another dead end. Her order also included another person named "Lois Fairgate". Some have been carefully removed stitch by stitch, while others have been roughly cut out. Jennifer would be between 45-50 years old today, so it is likely that one of her friends or family members is still alive. No DNA material from Jennifer Fergate was secured. Does this suggest two people using different techniques? When it comes to putting her story together, one will notice that even after 25 years of research there are more questions about this woman, than answers. The missing key could be the events and people of room 2816, the fingerprint and possibly the co-operation of Mr F. I have been working on an article covering the horrible crimes of Marc Dutroux. Consider this sketch of the victim: The sketch clearly shows the black skirt as described by the attendant who delivered the room service. His supervisor, duty manager Evy Gjertsen, is sure that a man was with her when she checked in. He also says that any electronic door lock can be manipulated, and a search on youtube certainly seems to back that up. I thought it was fitting for me to start my True Crime section, and the ‘Assassinated?’ category with this locked-room mystery of which Arthur Conan Doyle would have been proud. Why bring that many if your goal is a single shot to the head? I do not believe that Jennifer Fairgate was a trained government agent. A Browning Hi-Power that is common military issue, Europe was flooded with these kind of weapons after the start of the Balkans War in the early 1990s. While Fairgate's shooting, which is the subject of Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 … It is also worth noting that DNA was taken from her grave in 2017 and the results have not be… However, Jennifer Fairgate was not her real identity, and is … Episode 124 - The Mystery of Jennifer Fergate In the spring of 1995, an unknown woman walked into the Oslo Plaza hotel and checked into a room. What do we know about the other guests on floor 28? All crime scene & evidence photos from Oslo Police. 15 Minutes. This couple were the only guests interviewed by police at the time and they did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Naast 'Jennifer Fergate' heeft de Noorse politie nog twee lichamen gevonden van mensen die in … In this hand is the gun with which she has apparently shot herself in the head. Even ignoring any evidence one way or the other it is hard to avoid the fact that women commit suicide less often than men. Daily Star's newsletter brings you the biggest and best stories – sign up today; Read More Related Articles. Andersen recalled that the room looked sterile as if no-one was staying there. And there’s more to the puzzle than simply thinking Mr F knew about the death before the body was discovered. She checked into the hotel with the false name of "Jennifer Fairgate". It is these small, seemingly innocuous details that add up to give us a picture that suggests more than suicide. In Unsolved Mysteries, it was shown that a shot from the Browning 9 mm pistol went through her forehead. This makes sense but no prints were found on the bullets nor the magazine either. He is described as dark-haired and 35-40 years old. And did he also alter his booking on on before 31st May like Jennifer did? We are told that she tried to make two phone calls during her stay, with one digit difference between them. Desk clerk Sascha Anonsen remembers her checking in at around 10:40pm and he insists she was alone. Other items in the room are equally out of place. But absolutely all the information she gave were false. These small details may have helped police ( did anyone else change their booking to coincide with her dates, for example, or was there no Lois to begin with?). She seemed perfectly fluent at both English and German, according to hotel employees. Top Podcasts Episoder There are only two options. He has written papers on how to distinguish between suicide and murder. It is more likely that she heard noises in the room next to her, 2816. – Lytt til 124 - The Mystery of Jennifer Fergate fra Trace Evidence direkte på mobilen din, surfetavlen eller nettleseren - ingen nedlastinger nødvendig. He then sees her later the same evening by the lifts, looking like she is waiting for someone. The dates he stayed at the hotel are in the police records. The episode titled "Death in Oslo" follows one unidentified woman who called herself "Jennifer Fairgate" or "Jennifer Fergate." Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. The woman checked into room 2805 of … She wouldn’t have gone through the hassle of faking her name and address only to link herself to the same Belgian area through the two phone calls. – Both in the Fergate and Bergmann case weird behavior was shown It involves the suicide or alleged murder of a Belgian woman, Jennifer Fergate. Room 2806, diagonally opposite. The room door had been secured from the inside. Upon a deeper dive into her identity and life, investigators found that she did have traceable connections to Belgium, but she had lied to the hotel staff, claiming that she lived at Rue de la Stehde 148, an address that does not exist in reality. Occupied by a couple who only checked in on the Saturday evening and were out when the body was discovered. As the case was initially ruled a suicide and the year-long investigation led nowhere, much of what the police held is now also lost or destroyed. Her home address in Belgium was fake, and no Jennifer Fairgate appears on any Oslo airport records around the date. Everyone assumed that time of death was around 7:50pm on the Saturday night. She notices the room is very tidy and that there only appears to be one occupant. Opposite the bed and body was the desk. As will become clear when we examine the timeline, this is pivotal evidence, the importance of which seems to have been missed. I primarily worked on resources generously provided to us by Lars Wegner and the Verdens Gang newspaper and the Oslo Police, through these two websites: “through the two phone calls she tried to make” – We don’t know it was HER that made them, do we? The riddles begin even before she has set foot in Room 2805. According to the keycard logs no-one entered the room again until the head of security discovered the body 24hrs later. For unknown reasons, she was not asked to provide any form of identification at the time. Sarah Midkiff. The crime scene report concluded that the woman had taken her own life. He did not give any false details when he checked in and, ultimately, was traceable by a reporter 20 years later. There are so many pieces of information I have tried to limit the timeline to keycard events and staff interactions. Oslo is a traditional ‘safe-haven’ meeting place for delicate meetings, including the famous ‘Oslo Accord’ hammered out between Israel and the PLO a few years before this case. So how did Jennifer dispose of her skirt and the upright suitcase? There were a lot of clues, fingerprints, DNA, a shoe print and surveillance footage. Lars Wegner reports that police found the only unidentified fingerprint in the room (not belonging to the victim) on this bag. This skirt was missing from the room when the body was discovered, as was the wheeled suitcase that the staff member also saw in the room. It is a shame that neither her blood nor the contents of this bottle were tested for narcotics or poisons. The room was locked from the inside. The documents do not say whether this is because the other rooms were empty or just not followed up by police. We also have a ‘test shot’ fired into the pillow beside the head. Her death was ruled a suicide as both the doors were closed and she had a gun on her hands. At 10:44 p.m. on Wednesday, Jennifer Fergate opened the door to room 2805 for the first time. In which case why go through all that trouble if you plan on killing yourself? Her eyes were blue, and her hair was dark and short. Read more details about the film, Ryan Reynolds blames the infamous leak for delay in Deadpool 3, celebrates 'Leakaversary', Filmyzilla leaks Bobby Deol starrer 'Class Of 83' post its Netflix release, UFO Footage: Cosmonaut Ivan Vagner spots 'space guests' on ISS, MVA rift deepens; Ashok Chavan says 'Sena not part of UPA' amid alliance chief row, Rahul Gandhi flies off to Italy amid Centre-farmer faceoff & Congress party chief polls, Arvind Kejriwal visits farmers protesting at Singhu border, urges Centre to repeal laws, Who was Jennifer Fairgate? She wouldn’t have gone through the hassle of faking her name and address only to link herself to the same Belgian area through the two phone calls. Trace Evidence ***Sponsored by Athletic Greens. The attendant is positive that the bed wasn’t slept in. What’s more, these numbers also bear the formatting and area codes for the same part of Belgium as her fake address. Fergate booked a room for three nights under the name “Jennifer Fergate” but investigators say that no one had that identity. A window is ajar but the room is 28 storeys up a sheer glass and steel facade. Wegner refers to him only as Mr F, as per the label in my room map. A baffling addition to the gun is the 34 rounds of ammunition. The serial number was etched off with acid and untraceable. Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge. It is something that a guest wouldn’t do – and the bed in 2805 had the bedspread intact. It was a series of thumps or bangs that worried her enough to consider calling down to the front desk. Read | 'The Haunting of Bly Manor' 'Divine' behind-the-scenes photos are intriguing. He explains that this was the busiest time of the evening for staff. Find details about the cause of all mishaps. At 117 metres (384 ft) tall, it is Norway's second tallest building.. The attendant delivers room service on the Friday night around 8pm and notices the skirt and suitcase. He calls out but receives no reply. A clear case of suicide, the police will have to inform her next of kin. Did something prevent her attending breakfast on that day? I think 15 min after. Twenty minutes later a security guard is sent up to the room to find out where Jennifer Fairgate is. On the bed, as described in the article "The mysterious death in Oslo Plaza", lay the body of "Jennifer Fergate". I do not know what to make of Mr F but I suspect that even if he was there to meet Jennifer, he didn’t expect anyone to die. What’s curious about this is the distance from her room 2818 to room 2805. Like many things here, it doesn’t add up. Unsolved Mysteries returned to Netflix with a second season on October 19, 2020. “Rue De La Stehde” (or variations thereof) does not exist, nor does ‘Cerbis’ her apparent employer. And then we have the two phone calls. Despite all of this, though, the name of the man last seen with Al has remained a mystery. Re: Jennifer Fergate, Oslo Plazan mysteerinainen 3.6. In contructing this timeline I realised that there is compelling evidence that someone else was involved in her death. This is shocking as she still remains a mystery despite the DNA tracing improvements. It should also double the chances of gunpowder residue being present on the hand. A little later she (or someone else) must have gone out, since at 12:21 a.m. the key card was used again. Borghild Strandenes was staying in room 2818 on the Friday 2nd June. Kripos are satisfied with both investigations. The hotel is known for the mysterious death of an unidentified woman in 1995. Off. Did she steal it from outside, or did someone bring it to her as a ruse or part of a planned meeting? Obviously a suicide. Given that he operated in Charleroi, 45 miles south-west of Verlaine, it is not inconceivable that there is a link to be found. A blood sample had in fact been stored, in hopes that DNA could eventually be obtained from it, but it … No wallet or purse (and none of the money exchanged on the Thursday night at the front desk); a missing makeup or wash bag for toiletries (police sketch artist confirms she was wearing at least eye liner, so where is it? This means that she must have eaten the meal that day, which was almost 24 hours after it was delivered to her. In which case why go through all that trouble if you plan on killing yourself? Are they trying any further genealogy investigation? This discrepancy with Anonsen’s recall could be explained by a second use of the keycard at 00:21am. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Unlock the Power of the Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor, A Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Metal at Home, Beginner’s Guide – Toms, Cymbals & Room Mics, Beginner’s Guide – Mixing Metal Bass Guitar. Despite all of this, though, the name of the man last seen with Al has remained a mystery. the fact the room was left unsupervised very poor judgement. Sleep Timer. Why use a fake address relating to the same area you need to call, if you want to distance yourself from anything linked to your life? The forensic technician who examined the body says there was no sign of a struggle and the body lay naturally. But as we dig further, there will be more to Room 2816 than meets the eye. To clear up these disagreements, Lars Wegner turned to Bernd Karger, senior physician and lecturer at the Univesity of Munster’s Institute of Legal medicine. However, that man, was later cleared of any involvement through the use of DNA despite having been taken to court twice, and convicted once. 5 Minutes. All other graphics mine. An ironing board stands against the wall but they are not standard issue; however, there is no record of her ordering it. Known only by the alias "Jennifer Fairgate," the mysterious woman covered in the second episode of Netflix's "Unsolved Mysteries Vol. Read on to find out, “Who was Jennifer Fairgate?”, Read | 'The Haunting of Bly Manor' and 'Hill House' creator suggests a possibility of season 3. On June 3, 1995, the body of a woman was found inside room 2805 of the hotel. ; that differing memories could be explained by two visits to the desk; and we have a possible sighting of Lois. The building was designed by the architectural firm and completed in 1989. Excerpt from the interview between Lars Wegner and Mr F : I’m sure Lars Wegner nearly leapt out of his skin when Mr F said that. In the years since, no suspect has ever been named but now, thanks to DNA and genealogy research, Christine's killer has finally been identified. She either threw them out of the 28th floor window (unlikely that would have gone unnoticed). The head of security insists the room was double-locked when he entered room 2805 and saw a woman lying on the bed. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. Jennifer Fergate crime scene photos: The thriller of what occurred to a girl who signed into the Oslo Plaza in 1995 and ended up killed by a bullet within the head in her room three days later is one which has baffled Norwegian investigators and the general public for many years. Crucially, she observes that the bed hasn’t been slept in and there is an upright suitcase on wheels in the room. The woman also known as the Plaza woman’s fingerprints did not match any in the Interpol database. On May 31, 1995, at 10.44 p.m, a woman named Jennifer Fairgate (signature says Fergate) checked in to room 2805 at the Oslo Plaza Hotel in Norway. Many intelligence agencies had sent agents to this hotel over the years, was this a case of sticking with a place they knew? Like "Jennifer," DNA testing revealed the connection to Belgium. But they are no less compelling now than they must have been for Mr Wegner when he first covered the story in 1995. What if she was from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, or Czech Republic, then Czechoslovakia? The police report ends there, no further information. The West Memphis 3 – Part 2 – who is guilty? Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: All six unexplained cases being explored; Firstly, all the labels had been removed from her clothes. The Bloody Benders of Kansas – From the Dusty Archives, A Decade of Death – American Axe Murders 1909-1920, The Hinterkaifeck Murders : Horror on a Bavarian farm, The Robison Family Murder – a holiday home invasion, The Setagaya Murders – The Miyazawa Family Home Invasion. Jennifer Fairgate had checked into room 2805 of the Oslo Plaza Hotel on May 31, 1995, but she never checked out. ... the woman misspelled Fairgate as “Fergate ... Fairgate’s body was exhumed to obtain a complete DNA profile. No priest, no singing, no family, no friends…”. In 2017 it was sent to Interpol for analysis. ‘Jennifer Fairgate’ obviously did not want to be identified, regardless of how her life was ended. To the right is the newspaper addressed to room 2816. Guests only checked in at 5pm on the Saturday and were also out at the time the body was discovered. He may have missed the moment she met the man who accompanied her to change money. Ruled a suicide the day the body was found, the circumstances surrounding her death have become clouded by time. It’s time to examine room 2805 in more detail to find some answers…. People also knew about her in Norway and Belgium. However, the lack of gunshot residue and blood on her hand raised questions about the … So, we can understand busy staff missed the opportunity to ask for I.D. This is an important piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked. End of Episode. Rooms 2804, 2816 and 2818 are worthy of detailed analysis. There was a Belgian man staying in room 2804 over the Friday night and checked out on Saturday morning. At first glance it can be written off as a coincidence; noises occasionally happen in hotel rooms, big deal. Finally we have room 2804, exactly opposite the crime scene and possibly of vital importance to the case. Her death was ruled a suicide but due to recent developments, the question of whether she actually shot the gun has been reexamined. In 2016, Ms. Fergate’s body was exhumed and a DNA sample was taken. When she did not respond to the staff’s phone calls regarding her bill, a security card was sent to check on her, but he was greeted with a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on the door. With very little to go on it looks like he has created a couple of solid new leads for police. A second duvet that she ordered on arrival was untouched (according to staff) for 2 nights; but now it is on the bed with her dead body. The woman is laying on the bed, face up with her hand on her chest. One of the most valuable insights given to Lars Wegner in his investigation is the interview with Oal Kaldager, head of Norwegian Intelligence throughout the 2000s. The episode delves into the mystery surrounding Jennifer Fairgate (also known as Jennifer Fergate), the alias used by a woman who, in 1995, ... How to watch DNA … Ultimately, I believe that the anwers to this mystery may not be solved through room 2805. One of the first things that struck crime scene investigators was the lack of personal possessions in the room. 30 Minutes. Where is the husband? A bottle of men’s aftershave is the only toiletry in the room. Her signature on the check-in form looks more like ‘Fergate’. The reason? The woman who called herself Jennifer had claimed she was 21, but forensic pathologist believed she was 30, give or take five years. Perhaps one of the most absurd mysteries featured in this season of the show is the one about the death of Jennifer Fairgate. The report revealed that Jennifer had not eaten her dinner until Saturday. In Volume 2, Episode 2 of Netflix’s true crime reboot, titled “A Death in Oslo,” we learn about the curious case of Jennifer Fairgate, or Jennifer Fergate… In spite of 25 years of extensive research, details about her life are as obscure as the ones about her death. Jennifer Fairgate, also known as Jennifer Fergate, was the name a woman, who checked into a The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo. Details: At 10:44PM on Wednesday, May 31, 1995, … He hears the gunshot at 7:50pm. It features the story of an unidentified woman, who called herself Jennifer Fairgate. She wore a highly expensive Citizen Aqualand model CQ-1021-50 watch. 45 Minutes. On June 3, 1995, the body of Jennifer Fairgate was found in Room 2805 of the Oslo Plaza Hotel in Norway. Or have her family been paid off to keep quiet? Room 2801, two doors down. On June 3, 1995, a woman using the alias Jennifer Fergate was killed with a single shot to the forehead in Room 2805 of the Oslo Plaza Hotel, The official Cause of … The Oslo Plaza Hotel Mystery – who was Jennifer Fairgate? Find out what happened to her in Unsolved Mysteries. I do not believe that Jennifer Fairgate was a trained government agent. Room 2807 adjacent on the other side. Combine this with the lack of other personal effects and it becomes increasingly clear that the attendant who saw a suitcase in the room cannot have been mistaken. Welcome to; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo, formerly Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel, Oslo, known locally as Oslo Plaza, is situated in Oslo city centre. The Plaza-woman was found dead in room 2805, Oslo Plaza hotel on the evening of saturday, June 3th, 1995. jennifer fergate – Peter Bergmann – isdal Woman – Tamam Shud. The thriller is as a lot about what occurred to this lady as it’s about who the girl was. And what does room 2816 have to do with all of this? This is shocking as she still remains a mystery despite the DNA tracing improvements. Her room keycard is used for the first time at 10:44pm so this memory is backed up by the data. ); no house keys or car keys; and, as we know now, no suitcase. The same can be said about the fingerprint on the newspaper bag. Yes, these things can take a long time to process but it has been 2 years. Real Name: Unknown Nicknames: Jennifer Fergate, Jennifer Fairgate Location: Oslo, Norway Date: June 3, 1995 Occupation: Unknown Date of Birth: 1960-1974 (approx.) Colin Pitchfork : The World’s First DNA Murder Conviction, Edmund Kemper & the dawn of Criminal Profiling, The Strange death of Gunther Stoll – the YOG’TZE case, The Fascinating World of Zynchronicity and the Zodiac, True Crime section, and the ‘Assassinated?’ category,, It is also believed that she checked a woman named Lois Fergate into the room with her. But what are the chances of secret agents meeting at a hotel in Oslo? Its something that a good cop a good investigator follows. Mr F leaves the hotel on the Saturday, so according to the offical timeline (autopsy gave time of death as the Saturday evening) he could not have pulled the trigger. In fact it seems that nothing on the check-in form is truthful; this is just the entrance to the rabbit hole. Height: 5'2" Weight: 147 pounds Marital Status: Unknown Characteristics: Caucasian female. The episode of Unsolved Mysteries reveals that she could have been anything or in fact many things, a sex worker, a professional assassin, a flight attendant, a spy, or something else. Perhaps he knew what happened simply because his room was opposite 2805 and he saw or heard things he shouldn’t have? The first option is ridiculous if not impossible (windows at that height often have security features to prevent wide opening). This could explain why no-one has claimed her. Crime Scene Photos of Fergate’s Hotel Room Give Clues But Also Raise More Questions. Even the fake name she gave – Jennifer Fairgate – is in dispute. Police assume this was a test before she turned the gun on herself, but was it? Perhaps the initial shot to the head was through the pillow and therefore quiet – the second shot (mistakenly called the ‘test shot’) could have been accidental whilst the perpetrator was placing the gun in her hand and trying to set the trigger in the way it was found. Why is it in this room? – Luggage or/and links to hotels. 120 Minutes .giving the killer lots of time to leave the room and carry what ever he wanted. And if Wegner could track him down, so could someone who wants to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. And the state in which police found the body and gun are no exception to this. Jennifer Fairgate's DNA sample was also taken to conduct research, but nothing conclusive was revealed about her family or roots. The episode delves into the mystery surrounding Jennifer Fairgate (also known as Jennifer Fergate), the alias used by a woman who, in 1995, ... How to watch DNA … The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy is confused that, with blood splatter hitting the walls and ceiling, why was there no blood nor gunpowder residue on her gun hand? That time of morning would suggest that she had taken advantage of the Hotel breakfast, as she had also probably done the morning before at a similar time. But what if something happened on the Friday night such as the noises Borghild Strandenes heard from room 2816? Sketch of Jennifer Fergate. But she did use the correct formatting for the postcode so must have known something about the area. Why does no one come forward? Each bed is covered in a bedspread that the cleaners describe as very awkward to replace. It would also be good to know how many Belgians stay at the hotel on average – is it too much of a coincidence that he has the same nationality as the fake details given by the victim?

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