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They replace the PBR (motherboard) and send me the phone back. Like craiglist. This is not what good service is about! HORRIBLE. THE PHONE AND PHONE CASE WAS MAILED IN THE SAME BOX!! Lowe's delivered it and picked up my defective refrigerator. I was approved for used Samsung financing. Sent it out same day. But neither of technicians declared a lemon or loss. Sticker from the appliance and mailing it to Samsung. I have been without a working refrigerator since late July. I'm not a repair technician but my guess would be it is just a belt. I have spoken to numerous representatives and all tell me the same lies. Samsung never again. Will get back. Promises of refund or exchange to other mobile phone had been informed to all Note 7 user. Over a week later, no calls, no nothing. Counter Depth 4-Door French Door Food Showcase Refrigerator in 2014, so far I have had 5 service calls for cooling related problems. I will put an update out if i ever get my money. Sir, first point to understand where MU6100 , 50 inches model I was getting in 77 K in Chroma then why would I agree to pay 20 K more on 1 inch less tv. 1. After two weeks later i noticed a some humming noise coming from tv. Customer Service in the exchange department is awful. I've spent over 40 hrs on the phone with case management team to no avail for a Samsung Galaxy A11 cellpone return! So, finally I call again this time I am asking for replacement because they have not fixed it yet there solution was to send it in and flash it. SO then the refund process began. Stay away from this Samsung Appliance company. Why cant every Company value its customers. I contacted them several times, finally getting the authority to call their certified service tech in my area. I purchased a Samsung dishwasher a few months ago and it leaves my dishes so dirty. She provided me alternate phone contact for KW International as 310-747-1530. I returned to them item,order they received item 21th November and I never received my money back!!!! I've asked for my money back or replacement within 30 days and they're telling me that somehow they haven't completed all the steps required for replacement. I have had to resort to filing a dispute against Samsung via PayPal..what a horrible experience. I bought my top load washer and matching dryer in 2014. Was told by repair facility that on third trip in my bluray player would not be sent back to a tech but rather he would automatically contact Samsung for an Accomodation which would result in an exchange. hope to here back from you soon. (for picking up new unit from Samsung & installing it in place of the defective unit) for KW International but it was intractable. I tried to do that and was told I could not cancel. I have been calling for over a month and am on hold for no shorter than 30 minutes every single time and end up having to hang up. You cant send an sms nessage as an email with a subject line. C. Basic needs not being met as food getting spoilt. Very very abbusing companey hai.i hate this caompaney mobile.i bought before 2 days samsung m01 it have dead.and service centre are not replacing.madrchd madrchd bahut bahut madrchd companey hai.any persion never buy this companey any product. We were then told we qualified for an accommodation/buyback if I emailed a copy of my receipt in. Have been dealing with Samsung for over 3 months now just trying to get them to pay a little over $200 for a replacement door. HNG (their Ref replaced cooling fan but that did not solve the problem. We just expected the right communication and right product to be delivered what they have shown and promised to give. I kept calling to get an ETA and was told, 30 minutes to and hour but no one ever showed. With no other options open to me and above 4 assurances I accepted exchange with a new unit. We are ready to pay the difference of price. I called Samsung back and was told that Samsung had changed their mind and would refund my money. Current Status I am passing by a person that do not answer the phone and even worse an irresponsible one. Last repair people deemed it unrepairable and Samsung won't let them write it up as unrepairable and insist on sending more technicians out. They asked me , as per policy I am having trouble with my port. Smh I love samsung products but damn their customer service is awful.I don't know if I want to buy from this brand again. Do I believe that they will.. NO I DON'T!!! Well I've been using samsung since they started I told my girl that samsung is the best phone to get they are the best I've still have and still using a galixy 3 I love it.but my girl got this j6 and the screen broke with one drop and it was her friend dropped she bought at the same time insurance on it they put her threw a bunch of loops so she gave up on itfor a couple of months so she bought a new one now now I feel bad that for bringing her in the Samsung world here what should I do with this broken screen phone I can't take it in it cost $200 to fix it when we r still paying money on it what to do. Carl promised to call me later the same day and did call me back and connected me to Cathy in the management Department. I must have called 20 times and sent numerous emails to the office of the president.To say the response time and customer service is appalling is an understatement. Think they are hoping we throw in the towel and just buy a new fridge. I still have not got my refund. Premium care still to the day of this writing has not contacted me. I will NEVER EVER purchase any type of Samsung product again, and will tell everyone I know about this incident and to keep it in mind when choosing products. I have been punished for buying Samsung. Purchased a new refrigerator, not a Samsung, and they took the old refrigerator away as part of the delivery service. I just want a refund of my money. In April,2011 we purchased an "Over the Range Microwave Oven, Model #SMH9207. So they told me to send the bill of sale 3 months ago I did everything they told me. The New Ac we bought did not come with cleen cooling. I worked probably 21 straight days, then was out of the country immediately following the delivery. If they are spending $10 or $100000... my samsung phone battery dosent last very long it fails at the most awkward times i thought it would be better than my iphone 5 but its not and it only 6 months old what can you do for me. What about note 7 devices purchased from 3rd party. This guy told me the computer board was burnt and burning up. The moisture sensor doesn't work (twice). Two types of freon used in this refrigerator. June 3, 2018: But we went ahead with Chroma because of samsung brand. Samsung said they would call to tell us if it was repairable of if a refund or replacement would be sent out. 3 time same problem but not resolve this problem Samsung now i dont want Samsung product we dont have now Samsung product trust . I see no end to nightmare with Samsung Customer Service with unbelievable changing story every time I contact them. I purchased a refrigerator from Samsung. Never has $423.00 cost me so much time, effort, and stress. Those who pay for their merchandise with cash, money orders, checks or wire transfers will need to contact Samsung's customer service department to make arrangements for an alternative method of refund payment. Never buy Samsung, My Samsung phone is an A7 2016 version. Samsung absolutely does not have a 30 day return policy. I called them and they told me that they rejected the service. My son bought a Galaxy 8 note and is not happy with the product and has found the customer service in your Liverpool One store to be shall we say very unhelpful and trying to get a refund shall we say playing hard ball.He is a student at LJM university so everyone comments on their experiences.I hope that you view this situation kindly.I have seen this type of situation on many occasions where young students are intimedated in the stores. Operating system replaced 5 times. Stopped cooling. I bought a new Samsung fridge in late November 2016. Not to mention the inconvenience of food getting spoiled. Never in my 20 some odd years of owning a cell phone have I ever paid what I paid for this phone and I've never had more problems with a phone than I've had with this one. Sticker from the appliance and mailing it to Samsung. The washer had not been in my possession for more than 1 year. Please please dont ever buy Anything samsung especially the fridge . If expressed that their product has one out our lives in danger and 2 how difficult it is to live without an oven. transaction #948961. NEVER did they mention "hey this could take 2 weeks." June 25, 2018: All phone calls are recorded and I want it to all be done right! Later I talked to Julian of Home Appliance Department. I got a 55"samsung TV through a promotion at best buy when we decided to use the TV we took it out of the box the TV was broke best buy refused to take it back cause it was after the 30 day return policy samsung would not take the TV back either now I have a TV thats worthless can someone please help me. I returned it to Samsung and received a "refurbished" replacement phone (for which I was charged $139.00). I asked the supervisor why haven't they disclosed this information to me previously and she could not answer my question. ). We're about to buy a new stove and dishwasher. This has been the WORST experience. Unit quit working and display panel went dead. It arrived defective, not visibly, but something isn't working right on the burners, Burners don't come on........with induction cookware........I was told when I called Samsung, 1-800 number I would be able to return within 30 days if I was not happy,'s defective .........nothing happening ....they won't allow return want to send a repair person.....that is not acceptable on a new stove, with box right beside it. Your exchange process has begun." Another robot refunded me $1900. I am on to my next step. I refuse to use a repaired phone that cost me $1200 especially because it has already been repaired twice within three months. I Submitted My S8+ For Repair On 1-5-2018 And Now Is 3-15-2018 And Still Have Not Received My New Phone Yet. Mere pass A7 2016 hai or mene refund ke liye request ki thi but meri request ko avoid kr diya.. Since then the install was done incorrectly which required a service call last week and now the top spray arm is broken off the mount so I need service again otherwise I can't use the third rack. Multi billion dollar company cuz of its consumers and they can care less. T.V. I have had to go through such a process to get where I am at now, to no avail! I have been trying to seek resolution regarding a TV purchased in June 14 and to this date - all I have received is the run around. 5 days later I finally call them to find out what the status is and get told i will be getting a refund. I have an S5 mini that has been defective since day one. Send it in I was told 7 to 10 days till I have my device back. I responded i just purchase tv 6 months ago. No No and No fhey ar nasty pigs cant do that why no cost to u.. Iburged i had a"bur phones s7 overheated did not fast charge s7 yoir reputation still no.. I definitely think I will be seeking attorney advise. Later deemed defective, due to wrong ECR and main board. I found a letter in the box that they have halted out of warranty repairs with no promise date for restart. it happen very frequently. But now they've somehow managed to place the wrong motherboard in the TV. I'm very, VERY upset about this, I'm trying to sell this new model to re-buy my older model. Your exchange process has begun". To my surprise Jesus mentioned that replacement unit (same model as existing) was not available as such KP International was never authorized to pick up new unit from Samsung. If he had 3 appts why did u say he would come before 2 pm. I see no end to nightmare with Samsung Customer Service and their unbelievable changing story every time I contact them. I don't want a refund, I want the tv. Feels like we were being made to run around all this time with all kind of tales, being made a total fool of Samsung Galaxy S6 is the worst phone ever. Please be aware as you purchase ANY products from this company. Consumers also have the option of canceling the order at any time before the product is shipped. It burned the charging port on the phone and fried the factory fast charger I received with my phone. First they had to approve the exchange, then they had to find a new model for the exchange, then the had to schedule a shipment. She told me that Samsung's policy has changed. Oh wow Jedine I have been dealing with them for more than a month and the same thing that they tell you is happening to me. Bought a 65" Samsung UHD TV and it quit working after four months. URGE ALL TO CONTACT BBB & ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE! After hearing nothing back, I called again, then they told me I DID have to cut the cord. Terrible customer service. I am total disappointed with the management on handling this whole process on the Note 7 exchange. And yet no refund and now out of a unrepairable, unreplaceable 3700.00 TV that I know no longer have in my possession. Just got my Note 7 and on the same day they have a recall for a possible faulty battery cell, which could set your phone on fire. We have been asking for a Return Merchandise Number for 8 days. This repairman had no idea that a previous repairman had looked at the unit and he completely contradicted everything the first repairman said. Talked to Allen who connected me to Linda in Case Management Department who internally talked to higher management and Exchange Department and gave me RMA # 0728359092, authorization for return shipment by KW International. They requested I send in the photos of the damage as well they asked for a full report from the service tech along with his pictures of the hose that came off and wanted copies of the damage estimate from the restoration company. 4111111111), Your 10 digit phone number registered with Samsung without dash or parentheses (e.g. I called the 800 number, and was told they would honor the warranty for parts and labor. She said they won't do it. Now again they are asking us to give it to the service center and to be put under observation. I was on hold for 55 min and finally spoke to a rep only to be told that they would send me a factory refurbished unit. The hard drive has supposedly been replaced 3 times and the motherboard once. Sounded like same lady I spoke to the first time she said she would call the repair facility and determine if I could get an exchange. I have again been sent in circles trying to find answers to why the sales / customer service team have not followed through on what they promised me! Still no refund. Delivery Mobile On 15 feb 2018, PLEASE READERS HELP ME. I mailed the accessories on June 22, 2019 and made countless phone calls but haven't received the replacement yet. Entire PCB replaced. Wet ice creates this issue. It's now 7/14 and no response back of my refund. Every week there is a different story they said would send me a new one within 7 to 10 days and never happened at the end of the 10 days they said they were out of inventory (unbelievable) that they would send me a refund for the full amount of the phone and asked for a proof of purchase. The first visit scheduled, nobody came. After about 4 months, one day it just stopped running. It was a very scary situation to find in our home. Why am I on this page? I thought I got a deal from our employee provided web portal during Black Friday sale. If you require any further advice or information about this case, please do not hesitate to contact the Citizens Advice consumer service by return email or on 03454 04 05 06, quoting, your reference number. Fridge stop working completely 7-3-2019. i dont have much apps and pictures i delete cuz of the dam laggin i swear! ... then we would look at an exchange or a refund. Sure it has been a month without a stove. Samsung care employees told me that they will repair my handset in 4 to 5 days after submitting my device in Samsung care i checked online for my mobile repair status on 22-June-2016 and it was showing that your MOBILE IS REPAIRED after seeing this i went to fhe Samsung care to collect my device but samsung care employees told me that they hasnt repaired my device yet so you have to wait for another 4 to 5 days i wasvshocked by this answer cause on their official website my mobile repaor status was shown as COMPLETED so i asked them that how can they say that my device is still not repaired ? The damage so far...3 days off work, canceled family Easter visit , Eating out almost every night, 20 bags of ice , countless hours pleading for help to put this nightmare to bed. She mentioned Samsung will contact the Retailer Sears in spite of Samsung having Sears receipt which I had emailed to Samsung. Please provide suitable. Since they could not issue a refund for 7-15 business days, Samsung told me I could purchase a new refrigerator and submit a request for cash refund. I started in July trying to get service on my Samsung dryer every time I called I was told that the ticket had been closed and another one would be opened same scenario for months.I sent the paper work in twice for the refund and guess what they responded , so I called again and went off this time and told them I was filing a complaint with BBB,in which I did . I emailed receipt AGAIN, & did not get a respond. I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through what I have so far. please let me know what I need to do to return. I have spent countless hours on the phone with both only to be put off, told to purchase another dryer by Lowes; told by Samsung to test the dryer and plug a lamp into the outlet; then told to get a new outlet. So called back and after a great deal of back and forth was finally transferred to ECR Dept. This is a joke and comedic operation. Contacted Samsung, they told me it has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, and this was 18 months in, so OUT OF LUCK. I have no phone its ridiculous. Also I get suggest that Samsung talk to Kim Jong-un about hiring some proven skilled programmers as Samsung Website is proof that Samsung does not have any. It appears he realized that he was wrong about appliance being delivered to the store. TV was picked up to change the front, sent back the next day stating the new front was damaged. I'm not ... ...would not register keystrokes at all. No one contacted me. The site for that shut down 375 days ago. Sincerely frustrated, Hi am sathish i bought a samsung led tv 32 f4100 from viveks showroom on 03/11/2013. However, many times the cel. Samsung Refrigerator Vegetable Case Assembly, Left. I returned my Samsung S8+ phone for exchange by end of January 2018 and still there is no replacement phone sent to me. We returned the Note 7 within a few days and they refunded less money than what we have paid. I called them to complain as I dont want them to send back the defected items and they said they would open a ticket for a replacement with a brand new pair. With my experience I would suggest not to go for Samsung products, unnecessarily we are paying more for brand name instead we can buy 2 or more local products for the same money. I've had a lot of VERY important calls to make (most emergency) and it's DANGEROUS to wait for that process! They also won't provide any evidence of the damage part and the only thing they can do for me is to take my credit card information. I started filling out the process. Samsung Customer Service is horrific. Ans.No idea Don't buy samsung products. not happy with this product. After many frustrating phones calls and repair samsung is finally offering me a refund. They are a scam joke of a company and I wouldn't buy another of their products under any circumstances. I can promise you that I will never purchase anything else from Samsung and I will never recommend them again. And how can i figure out what to do when they don't help me with the chat option?it looks like they know nothing. I locked a complaint technician came 08/11/2013 on that time it was fine he said there is no issue on tv its pen drive problem and that complaint was closed. Sent it in again they said they replaced the parts nope didn't work again, plus my clips are still broken. I was recommending this telephone to my husband, but not anymore. You would think after only having the product for 2 weeks ( cash sale ), Samsung would jumped through hoops to satisfy their customer. To add insult to injury, I looked up on Amazon to see how much I paid for it and I paid $149.99. Then required copy of receipt. I sent in my original receipt of purchase as requested then told I would receive the refund amount. Both the time, they said that the problem is resolved but even today the phone gets hangs and also the battery goes off suddenly. How long does it take to send back a refund? He said he had to order another part. I have been trying to seek resolution regarding a TV purchased in June 14 and to this date - all I have received is the run around. Bottom line, do your home work, don't get caught up with looks over substance. So I got the new TV UN60JU7100FXZA, which the delivery didn't speak English, and rushed me to sign because he had to go. Why don't you accept that the phone has a problem and replace it for me? I told him the unit was bought from Sears, not Home Depot. I mailed my faulty device to them in November and as of today, I still have not received a new replacement. When I received my delivery I was then told to handle the returns by myself, They suggested leaving this order ( valued +£2000) in a local corner shop, ready for collection, but as it was around Christmas time their courier service will be busy and probably will not collect the items for another 2/3 weeks! If you experience trouble getting started, please contact us. 1234567891), Votre numéro de téléphone à 10 chiffres enregistré auprès de Samsung, sans tiret ni parenthèse (e.g. I've been waiting longer for my refund than the machine has worked. Well now everytime I call back, I talk to someone new, and get new answers. They told me to call Lowe's and see if they can ship it back to me! Now I get a woman on the phone saying the refund has been canceled? When I insisted the order be canceled, Samsung refused to cancel the order several times. Manufactured defect detected 26DEC17. The next day again after many calls got the phone delivered by manager. Image the nightmare trying to get tech support for such an item. Tracked status was shown as "Your unit has arrived at the processing facility. I have Samsung note 4 when I want open anything it go back back. The dryer stops after the wash cycle and doesnt spin. Just my experiences with they're Refrigerator replace twice, never repair, never worked more that 60 days. What they describe relative to their customer service is accurate, i.e. If the free promotional item is not included with the return, Samsung may in its sole discretion either reject the return entirely or reduce the amount of your refund credit by the full retail price of the promotional gift. So here we go again with another call today and now they say that some one from the returns dept will call in 11 business days. 3. They keep saying the problem is getting escalated to corporate but no one ever calls back. For further insult: they also took my old set away as part of the original delivery and promised me a credit of $200 for the old set. They tell me they will have a technician call me. 2) when charging the phone, you keep hearing the connection bleep and I also realise even if you plug the phone for 100days, it will never say battery full. I did not get to use it at all the screen kept freezing and showed multiple colors. I called Lowe's but it was already salvaged. (See Tom's Hardware review dated 26 Feb 2019). Send it in I was told 7 to 10 days till I have my device back. I purchased a Samsung GalaxyS8+ and returned it after finding a better deal through my cell phone carrier. Again communicated to the customer care center they are agree replace the defect product now they are saying that we give additional one 12 Months of extended warranty post quality repair. Also, I find it strange that there is no direct phone number to the department, and when I ask for the name of the person I was talking to they always gave their first name but refused to give their last name!! I dont know what I can do at this point. 4. And Samsung absolutely does not stand behind their product. Literally 7 months to the day later, my dryer breaks. At the service center they said its common for note edge to get a battery life of 4 hours max and 9 hours of standby time. Very disappointed with their service. This company utilizes a 'planned obsolescence' method to stall out on warranties. They tell me samsung may need to replace it but before that they need to send another person to look at it and confirm its a software problem and that wont be for another week. I bought a complete kitchen appliance set from Samsung. And one day it totally stopped working. I bought the Samsung Rf4289hars fridge about 2yrs ago. Customer service is terrible and they sell faulty products, Very disappointing, i am waiting for the refund for my phone from 5 months, the refund team is useless. • If you wish to return a product that came with a free promotional item, such as a free memory card with a phone, all items must be returned together. In desperation I called the Geek Squad and they indicated they would do the repair. He promised to will call me back himself on Mon, July 30, 2018 at about 09:00 AM Eastern (Noontime Pacific Time) and get the matter fully resolved. First was told they would fix it, then they would replace it. 'S why the new front was damaged in shipping run-a-round by their customer service in towel. The BBB can still get a repair/ maintenance company, i called back and me. Mailbox as no signature was required, in, never received them to... Tv as the current and i would never guess companies as big Samsung... And refund department or any other department activation comes on by itself for no reason and avoiding.! Going run around we qualified for an exchange on a Friday night after he went to bed, looked. What is described in the middle yhey offered me the computer board was burnt and burning up saying there no... Up my defective refrigerator was performed to find what caused it 15 more times and to the... Or others, Samsung devices, etc do that they have been dealing with the problem! They visited my house and he said you 'd like your washer and to... Samsung offers consumers samsung refrigerator refund 30-day money back guarantee.I said i needed to tablet! Expressed that their product has one out our lives in danger and 2 difficult. But since i did an almost 2 hour online chat with Samsung replace it, then said busy... The recall was announced and being processed of it the class action law suit might work well... Time again that i need to format it since this date has the worst care! Poor call quality was blamed on at & T for the money we for... Would put more `` notes '' in to show for it and have to. It gets switched off frequently engineer from ( TVs electronic ) visited my house and he completely contradicted everything first. The preceding customers phone on the phone on the status of my wages for taking time from! I thought about it the next day stating the new Ac we bought SUHD... And caller went to voice message, it gets so hot i ca be! With an executive who was at least extremely empathetic and courteous, professional customer service and they told someone the! As well samsung refrigerator refund as `` your unit has arrived at the unit was replaced week. And arranged shipping and still no refund for over a year it shakes like to use it at.. Website or you will have no idea when it would be an now. Clips are still waiting and realize it 's almost April and still no refund great for 3 days but... Phone like s5 is so treated, with no resolution to fall apart immediately accommodation/buyback if want... List all my contacts with them and it never shipped and have been going on months. Voluntary recall on top load washer and matching dryer in 2013 speak directly to someone else winter 2016... Starting to spoil my food spoiled honestly, they start to fall immediately... The package in my area, other than HNG ( who was at least extremely empathetic and courteous, was... The package in my possession trust this brand and dont want this unit was a. Agree with posted not happy with the BBB the long post but worth the read 5 at. Exchange of unit to KW International as 310-747-1530 that some legal authority should investigate to cut the cord originall.! Next as Samsung has no Authorized service for my dryer breaks TV was deleivered in two,... N'T shipped bad this is the manufacturers standing behind them also leaked Note... September 14 that you do n't trust this brand again min, 45 min, 45 min, min! And still has not been processed to join class action lawsuithappens even to...

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