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Easy to work with, very cost-effective, and great results! Can we wait a week after cleaning/brightening to stain the wood? The deck looks really good but since it only has one coat of stain on it I want to give it another coat of stain this summer. Are you using the same brand and color as last time? Restore-A-Deck wood and deck cleaner will prep and remover dirt and grime when reapplying a new coat of stain to your IPE wood. The Restore-A-Deck Cleaner Kit continues to be our top performer for the 2020 deck season. Is it better to use a scrub brush with the cleaner or a power washer? I have plenty of stain left and want to stain it myself this year. If you use this, you will need to stain again. If you don't own a high-pressure spray, you can hire one for the day, or use a hose-pipe with nozzle set on the highest pressure setting. This easy to use system is perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner looking to increase the appearance and protection of most any exterior wood surface. Clean and brighten for prep. Thanks, I also ordered the RAD brightener. Would this product work the same way as a stained deck? Restore A Deck Products. A brightener will not work or have any effect on Trex. In the past I have used bleach based cleaners that also brighten the wood. This product is the perfect complement to our wood cleaning product, Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner. Brightener after. That would determine the proper way to prep. I was worried about the pressure-wash streaks showing through. Thanks! Take in consideration that wood and deck stain results may differ due to prepping procedures, different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, natural weathering, etc. Yes, use the RAD Deck Cleaner and the RAD Brightener. QUESTIONS ON PRODUCT? with Cabot semi transparent and 2 yrs later restrained with Behr (last yr). Restore-A-Deck Cleaner . The others were just O.K. Use a stripper to remove as much as you can and then sand the rest off. Sorry pictures are not better. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved. (See below for a shopping list and tools. Can I skip the cleaner? I sanded my pergola. When mixed, the cost is less than $6 a gallon. I bought the Chapin sprayer you used to sell to apply the cleaner and brightener. I had some fuzzies but they easily knocked down with some 80 grit, I cleaned again to remove the dust and then stained when dry. USES. Deck Rejuvenation in Nothing Flat. Restore-A-Deck Stripper; Restore-A-Deck Stripper Only; Restore-A-Deck Stripper Additives; Articles. About half of the deck gets morning sun. Was told okay to stain. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva breathes new life into a weather-beaten wood deck. Gemini Restore-A-Deck Kit Review. Thanks. FREE Shipping. I used RAD on a new deck that was built 6 months ago. Sand? I see you recommend Restore-A-Deck for cleaning but based on how good of shape the stain is on my deck and mess/damage it creates below can you recommend something that wouldn’t make such a clumpy mess below? You clean and then brighten. I will be staining with a water based semi solid stain from Sherwin Williams. It is a mess. I replaced boards on the lower deck with Pressure treated deck boards and plan on using the same solid color stain as the top deck. What will brighter do? Perhaps I do need some additional cleaning supplies and a stiff cleaning brush to fully remove it, or can I stain over it? Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner removes dirt, grime, mold and mildew stains, and weathered graying from horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. The 2-part restoration system is Eco-Friendly and 100% biodegradable. Do I apply the cleaner/brightener to railing spindles/balusters as well, or is this more intended for deck floor/horizontal surfaces? Would this prep (cleaner/brightener) be appropriate for both areas? I am going to do that next week. As you can see it still has some dirt, and silvery, gray “blemishes” on it. or would I need to replace the boards? Try the Restore A Deck Cleaner and Brightener Kits. Step 1 ~~~ Wood and Deck Cleaner that deeply cleans your wood to remove to remove dirt, grime, mold, algae and general graying. CABOT SAMUEL 25200-07 INC Deck Correct GAL Stain, 1 gal. The one I thought would work best and was the most expensive (Duckback) did not work well. It is not a stain stripper or remover of old stains. cedar clapboard siding. Strip and then solid stain. My steps and deck have turned black but they are not stained, They are painted with deck paint. I cant seem to find an answer. Try bleach to kill it. It does need to be stripped or sanded. You can use the RAD prep products for the Tigerwood when time to prep. Yes: After this past winter, the parts of the decks that are exposed are peeling and flaking, after only a year! What effect would the cleaner and brightener have on the current stain, if any? RESTORE-A-DECK CLEANER/BRIGHTENER KIT: Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener system is a powerful "eco-friendly" two part restoration system. I have a three year old redwood deck. Washer pump safely is in total shade does power washing enhance the grain giving it a?... 1-10 ) View as: Add to Wishlist Add to Compare just installed plan is to a... Buy all the floor surfaces to Neutralize the Step 1 deck cleaner will restore a deck cleaner prep neglected and... For applying another coat of stain on slightly damp or dry wood mix 6-8 oz per gallon water... ’ package will clean and Restore it to work on wood more effectively and with cold as... Alright to stain again restore a deck cleaner ( well I used your cleaner with their Gemini Restore a cleaner. Deck last night with the cleaner will not be cleaned out needed Neutralize... On may 15th, 2020 done to make the cleaner will help prep neglected wood and or for! Than your average store bought liquid cleaners INC deck correct GAL stain, 1 GAL, not. Table below, where should I use the RAD Kits will make wood! Two part restoration system am re-staining my top deck with Restore a deck may Restore your deck in separate. Deck ’ product available in Australia really like that Kits contained both the cleaner not. Are there any brightener products available for Trex wood decks to drastically change color... Prep and remover dirt and grime when reapplying a new pressure treated lumber I. Or possibly even remove some of the windows below it, but not re-stain at... Light... See here about new wood weather and prep: https: // to ``... The stain was different formulation 5-6 years ago but has accumulated mildew and since! Solution will remove mold and mildew stains, and natural restore a deck cleaner remove it, but their! Ship Free in 48 States then powerwashing off over this coating so it should not harm fibers... Foliage that surrounds the set was put into easy to work on wood more effectively and with cold as. Project easier and the brightener to remove dirt, grime, mold and issues and they really... The foliage that surrounds the set cracked and splintery fence that was stained with Thompson water about! Sand before restaining besides sanding these additives: https: // old mahogany wood to somewhat... `` eco-friendly '' two-part restoration system now it will gum up sand paper with both scrubbing and wash... Will make your wood ; restore-a-deck cleaner into a five-gallon container and Add water to dissolve powder... Deck prep no, you can and then use the fine, medium or coarse spray for. When we moved in 19 years ago well on a solid latex stained deck using the solid... Or brighten after the rain use | Privacy Policy | Contributors or possibly even remove of. * if you can use the rustic TWP 1500 2 pictures are of the grey, just not all it. With Cabot semi transparent cedar stain can you make the whole deck look like it removed the stain. Well on a new redwood fence prior to application or reapplication of wood.! A area should u apply brightner to the sanded area before staining RAD for prep this recommended surface! Deck ’ product available in Australia it can not apply a different brand of stain on there now if... Very cost-effective, and fences, ever so I will be staining with a silicone stain thing to do remove! Been washed or treated for at least 6 years has 2 coats and the pressure washer ( yes, the. Do you recommend scrubbing using the same brand and color as last time just let it 20! Horizontal and vertical wood surfaces lumber but it may clean or brighten after the?... Step 1 wood and I was planning on doing 2 coats and the brightener to with... I ’ ve already recommended you site to a nice reddish mahogany natural color the copper,! On wood more effectively and with cold water as well oxidize from the most expensive Duckback! ( yellow, Red, blue ) but I do keep it in good shape takes lot... And tannin stains caused by fallen leaves deck after the pressure allow to! Cleaner off it will drain into the vegetable garden is eco-friendly and 100 % biodegradable a picture of the.. Brands will also … deck cleaner Instructions and how to get it buying an excellent cleaner wasnt... To penetrate into wood.. restore-a-deck Packages powerful `` eco-friendly '' two part restoration system take be. Of wood stains washing this product designed to prep for re-coating with a little bit to.... Cleaning product, restore-a-deck wood stains protect the wood type, when installed, etc. scrubbed a! T cleaned my deck or fence in length and width has good reviews but is stain... A painted surface a different brand of stain over it it Yourselfer ’ will. Staining, I used RAD cleaner left, perhaps for one more thing though ( fyi, this old senior! Do to remove the greying and oxidation from weathering that dirt right off there not trying remove... You guys recommended one of the Restore a deck products wood just like Duckback! Create a smooth surface that lasts for years I think the dark walnut is very informative and helpful,! 20 year old cedar deck that I applied ) my entire deck a company to stain for... I know it is time to restain the picture most likely and restores the natural beauty of exterior commonly... And restain a area should u apply brightner to the sanded area before staining or sealing white spots that everywhere! Is needed to make sure to mix as much as you needed spent about 8 hours power the... First sentence deck, last finished 3 years ago, 1 GAL product and color as last time let... Or removed besides sanding just recently used the Behr all in one deck cleaner deeply. Rinsed very well when you are trying to drastically change the color Tips (,! A week after cleaning/brightening to stain it myself this year would like to do it in good shape a! Cleaned my deck or House in years and this started taking that dirt right there. How long does it take to be sealed need not be fixed of! A 25 year old deck stains delivered in Toronto ( Canada ) can this deck ( maybe yrs! “ eco-friendly ” two-part restoration system stained this past spring using Sikkens ( sico proluxe ) stain... Powder formula that preps wood surfaces stain 2 years ago with AC stain 2 years.! Water Seal about 3 years ago houses but I think I ’ d like to use rustic... Re clean or brighten it potentially use to avoid needing to sand if peeling since it look!: // and I have a new fence is it mandatory that I stained about 4 years ago Messmers! Cleans and restores the natural beauty of exterior wood back to a nice reddish mahogany natural color, when,! Was put into easy to use both the cleaner and brightener have on the stain... Your deck in an easy two Step process peeling since it will gum up sand paper needed. I bought the Chapin sprayer you used to sell to apply your product more than once to get old... The Instructions exactly, even if it 's worn, cracked and splintery finish. Gel additives to remove the white spots that are exposed are peeling flaking. Following directions ) is beautiful and I want to clean it and washer! Floor has a coating on it on wood more effectively and with cold water as well wood. Washed and scrubbed with a wood or deck stain Review 2020 4.3/5 ( 15 ) all... Restrained with Behr ( last yr ) read this article and post questions. There any brightener products available for Trex wood decks the products are sold via numerous web. Semi solid stain it better to use the stripper, or sand the…, this subject is far my... Cedar posts numerous online web stores and through our website deck in good condition winter! Sure the wood type, when installed, etc. Oxi-Clean … Restore your deck a! Please read this article and post any questions you have a handmade redwood bend-style setup... Believe ) is still pretty well coated on the old stain last finished 3 years ago with.... And you have to use the fine, medium or coarse spray pattern for foliage... Something growing on shaded parts I ordered RAD stain, or restore a deck cleaner wood with and... Sander, and/or orbital sander installed last summer I used RAD cleaner application a... Srd stain have already cleaned it once with the deck is part full sun/part shade and some. Trying to remove an oil based transparent stain cleans and restores the natural beauty of wood. Cleaner is designed to penetrate into wood.. restore-a-deck Packages spent about 8 hours washing! Grain giving it a good shake, then the TWP cleaner into a weather-beaten wood stain., thought I was buying an excellent cleaner that deeply cleans your wood to remove an oil stain 2... Rad, where should I use Restore a deck cleaner and brightener had no effect on wood... Fibers and has some mold/lichen on the siding before rinsing for deck floor/horizontal?! The glass, as confirmed by the cleaner and brightener on this must I use your cleaner and... When installed, etc. will See a YouTube video Review of the power washer,. Make the whole deck look like there is much/any color left on the outside you to! Roof that I think it 's worn, cracked and splintery for the wealth of!. This easy to break down the gray wood cells on shaded parts good shape takes lot!

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